About Us

Paws Fur Help, Inc. established in March 2022. As a concerned citizens group to provide support and advocate change at the Mission Animal Shelter. Paws Fur Help is organized as a Volunteer  group. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to protect and advocate for companion animals in need and build a community where people treat them with kindness and respect. 


Established Partnerships

  1. American Pets Alive
  2. Harlingen Humane Society
  3. Dogs Playing for Life
  4. Chewy Established
  5. American Rescue Aid
  6. RGV Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic
  7. Yaqui Animal Rescue


Nominated for the 2022 Community Impact Award – Mission Chamber of Commerce



Our Services 

Volunteer Program with orientation

Foster Program

Transport out of shelter

Foster Food Pantry

Educational workshop

Set Adoption protocols



Get Involved

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Volunteering your time saves precious lives.



133  Successful Fosters

Provide financial , emotional and educational support to fosters.  Provide feedback and reports to rescues. Provide transport, veterinary transport and communication through process often for several months.



Deliver customer service to each adopter, developed adoption package and provide good bags plus all educational information. 

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